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They can take your children even for being on low income
---New fertility Laws say dad need not make babies
---Teenage abortions
---Abortion guidelines
Pedo freed - wheres the baby (pdf)
Archbishop promises abuse review.pdf
---Courts get tough on women having sex with boys (pdf)
---Child Killings (pdf)
---Abused babies
---Please forgive us
---Sexual predator pardoned (pdf)
---Sins of the Mother (pdf)
Abuse of the Law
---Antisocial behaviour
---Harrassment Act (pdf)
---Hate crime (pdf)
Biggest US Catholic archdiocese reaches record deal on sex abuse.pdf
Whos who at the DCA.pdf
Alison Taylor whistle blower.pdf
---addendum to the response to the green paper
---The Sale of Justice (pdf)
---Police push for instant accountability (pdf)
---ISC Lambasts database (pdf)
---DCA transparency response (pdf)
---One MP willing to raise issues
(opens new web page)
---Fascism in 10 easy steps
---Fears over children's database
---Hiding behind priviledge
---Jail for Judges
---No right to know for parents
---Professor David Southall
Adoption figures
Excel worksheet
Additional tables worksheet 1 worksheet 2
March 2007 Stats on looked after children pdf
U.S Govt scrutinizes Guatemalan adoptions.pdf
Troubled homes better than foster care.pdf
State adoption targets.pdf
Nick Chrichton and mother loses 14 children to the State.pdf
Innocent yet no return of the children from the adoption industry.pdf
Adoption websites win suit filed by homosexuals.pdf
autistic mums baby taken into care.pdf
60% of toddlers in care get adopted.pdf
Trends in adoption (pdf)
Final report adoption 98-02 US (pdf)
Adoption and foster care analysis (pdf)
US Adoption industry (pdf)
Adoption target questions.pdf
Care children still lag behind.pdf
Adopted children register.pdf
Not married no adoption NI.pdf
Desert or lose your child.pdf
Care home v Foster care.pdf
Children vanishing from care.pdf
---Big Issue on Adoption (zip file)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Conduct Problems and ADHD.pdf
Brain Imaging Data of ADHD.pdf
ADHD and social disinhibition.pdf
New drug for ADHD.pdf
Food intolerance and excema.pdf
ADHD and maternal smoking.pdf
Working group on food additives.pdf
Ritalns reign.pdf
Ritalin and children of divorce.pdf
Food labeling.pdf
Food additives link to child tantrums.pdf
Artifical food colourings and ADHD.pdf
Additive survey.pdf
Additives do cause tantrums.pdf
---Diagnosing ADHD (pdf)
---ADHD and boys
---ADHD and food additives

The following are video links about food concerns:
need flv player? then click here

Food to avoid
Sweet Misery

the above video files are large so please be patient to download

Bullying and anti-social behaviour
---anti-social behaviour

Case Studies
---List of case studies

Chemical abuse of children
Must watch video on drugging our children
Antidepressants safe for children.pdf
---MMR debate and autism
---five-in-one jab
---Drugmakers take profits
---More drug scandal
Child Abuse
Abuse in daycare.pdf
Couple jailed for child torture.pdf
---Gay parenting attacked
---Young girls molest boys
---More drug abuse of child behaviour
---Child abuse on the web
---Sex abuse and gays
---Allegations re: Blair
---Margart Hodge kills reform in UK
---Hodge does not believe in reasonable contact for fathers.
---Judge admits child porn charges
---Review of child abuse experts

ild Health
Children Now analyses of looked after children.pdf
Crime children.pdf
Body fascism.pdf
---The plan Hodge refused
---Teen depression rises
---Adolescent Health (BMJ)
---WWF Report 2004 - Children's brain development affected by chemicals

Children as parents
17 000 child carers.pdf
--- 40% are one parent families
Complaints Procedures
National Care Standards Commission regulations 2002.pdf
Contact Centres
---What is a corrupt judge?
The Police State begins.pdf
Responses to CSA white paper.pdf
redesigning the CSA.pdf
Govt report on CSA white paper.pdf
CSA get tough.pdf
Child support reform report.pdf
Mother loses csa battle.pdf
Girl 11 sues CSA.pdf
---CSA injustice to shared care father
---List of issues

Deputations-democracy in action
Divorce, not genetics is reason behind break-ups.pdf
Loveland it was not (pdf)
Can you keep your divorce confidential (pdf)
Tilting the balance in divorce.pdf
£65 online quickie.pdf
Broken homes unfocused minds.pdf
---Di takes Charles to the cleaners
Domestic Violence
Special court helps curb domestic abuse.pdf
Hidden plight of Asian women - more scaremongering.pdf
STAMPing on Violence.pdf
---Men abuse in Canada (pdf)
---Govt strategy on domestic Violence trouble (pdf)
---From baby killers to wife beaters (pdf)
---When love hurts
---DV and pregnancy
---Harvard and DV
---Cycle of Female Fear
---Domestic Violence research and the effective misuse of propaganda
---Abusive refuges
---Feminist bias in Australia

Economic costs
---The colour of money
---Economic cost of Governmental mismanagement

---Cost of Children in need in England Sept/Oct 2001
The Wanless Report
UK classroom revolution or propganda.pdf
Primary schools like boot camps.pdf
Relate Relationship Education Schools Programme 2006 (pdf)
Fabians and school nurses.pdf
Emotional intelligence to be taught.pdf
Violence in schools training.pdf
Views on sex education in schools.pdf
Jumping the school queue.pdf
---Non-resident parents
---Breakdown in family life 'is affecting schools'
---Dfes should read The times Educational

Would Dr Shipman make an expert witness in the family court.pdf
Bilie Jo complains to GMC regarding bentovim and Southhall.pdf

False Allegations
abusers seek sole custody more often than nonviolent parents.pdf
---False allegations
---More power to the State, will it be abused?
---This link will take you to movie footage of real life, caught in the act false allegations.
---Fathers wrongly accused

Gender bias
Pastoral care of homosexual persons.pdf
Jounal of gay and lesbian studies.pdf
Racial and gender bias in Pennsylvania (pdf)
May 2007 gender report.pdf
Religious beliefs give no right to discriminate against gays.pdf
Cameron Homosexual Footprint.pdf
---Safari men wont help children (pdf)
---Real danger of same sex marriage (pdf)
---Gay Bashing (pdf)
---Harriet Harman
---Of rights of men
---Women law (pdf)
---What's yours is mine
---The Usual Suspects
---That Old Y Chromosome
---Gay adoption
---the gay gene
---Women in prison
---In defence of heterosexuals
---Sexist insults
---Discrimination is illegal
---Could your children be given to Gay parents?
---Australia's June report
---Girls ahead of boys in all spheres
---Gay Marriage Bill
---Child molestation and homosexuality
Is there really a fatherhood crisis?
---Politics of family destruction.
---Court-ordered sexism
---More biased Government policies
---Planned family destruction
---Pay on merit not gender
---Equality for families?
---Female teacher tells girls to hit boys

Stalking victims given anonymity.pdf
---Harrassment Lunacy
Hate Crime
---HO on Hate Crime (pdf)
Home Schooling
The law on home schooling (external link)

---Politics of Manhood
Births to Unwed Mothers Increase.pdf
Conflation of marriage (pdf)
Public benefits of marriage (pdf)
Marriage works.pdf
---Declaration of marriage
---Divorce Laws
---Judicial destruction of marriage (pdf)

Parental Alienation Syndrome
---Help for PAS victims
---Children's views (pdf)
---Implacable hostility
---Parental Seperation and Psychosis
---PAS definitions

---Stealing The Minds Of Our Children (PAS Book)

Stunning role model for 8 year olds.pdf
social parents.pdf
---Paranoid parenting (pdf)
---Parents Blamed for Misbehaviour (pdf)

Maternity services overhaul.pdf
---Cost no barrier to Justice (pdf)
---Cost to the State of highest paid barristers (pdf)
---Policy paper on father involvement (pdf)
---Power politics and democratic renewal (pdf)

Profit or justice?
---Fatcat lawyers
---"Nightmare Solicitors"
---Lawyers ask for more
Prison Reform
---Bias in the prison population
Protecting children from the State
---Christmas Report
---State takeover parenting
---Children Bill: monitoring problems
---UK invasion of parenting
---Abandoned babies
---Hodge bodge - Hodge named worst public servant

Psychiatrists, children and the drug industry.pdf
---Depression in young people (pdf)
---Psychiatric abuses
---Psychobabble (pdf)

---False rape common
---Rights an excuse to fight
---Freedom of information??
---EU Presidency statement

Self Harm
---self harming epidemic

Sex / Abuse
Teacher flirted with boy 15.pdf
Supporting pregnant teenagers.pdf
Sex and relationship education.pdf
---Number sex offenders rise
---Sex diseases rise
---No limit for youth
---Rights for sex offenders?
Social Security
---Social Security Bias

Special needs

Study uncovers suicide cluster.pdf
---Cutting suicide in young men
---Linking suicide to marital status (pdf)
---Suicide rates in men

Teenage Pregnancy
---Abstinence or comprehensive sex ed.pdf
---Daddy's Girl

Using the law

Informed choice of vaccines

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