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Court reporters

---Judge wants power to ban newspapers

CAFCASS England and Wales
Unhealthy alliances.ppt
Ofsted to report on CAFCASS.pdf
---A bad week (pdf)
---Hear by right action plan (pdf)
---ECHR case refused (pdf)
---Despite increases in funding
---Areas of knowledge
---Rule 9.5 (Family Procedural Rules)
---Submission on complaint procedure
---More CAFCASS - No thanks ??
---Untrained and over here
---Abolishing CAFCASS
---MP writing
---CAFCASS to destroy another generation
---New chair for CAFCASS
---more excuses from CAFCASS - : Family Resolutions: "A Waste of Time"
---Expert witnesses?
---CAFCASS is a lottery
--CAFCASS mislead again
---Risk Assessment
---CAFCASS corporate plan
---Quality control checklist
CAFCASS Sellout - click here for more
Social Services
Modern SS Committment to reform (pdf)
Lessons need to be learned.pdf
Put obese children into care.pdf
Guilt over Aaron tragedy.pdf
---Put obese children into care (pdf)
---The Fat Police (pdf)
---Review of Child Care (pdf)
---LA Circular (pdf)
---Bearing good witness (pdf)
---Westminster News May 2007 (pdf)
Guardian-ad litems

Role of the Guardian (pdf)

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