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FLINT Press Releases
Good Childhood

Portsmouth City Council have banned employees from speaking out about the death of a baby until June or July this year
Contradiction between civil and criminal law on permitting minors evidence - open court hearing - May 20th 2009
Asian, disabled and abused by social workers
Bureaucrats given power for on the spot fines
Council of Europe seeks decriminalistion of abortion in all 47 EU Countries
Dont call the barmaid love
Reaping the whirlwind
Rip off Britain
Same sex alleged fact sheet
Top Judge named and shamed for harassing exwife
MSP demands family court enquiry
Welsh language teaching retards children pdf
Girl 4 suffers severe abuse akin to traffic accident.pdf
Judges get tough on fathers rights.pdf
Canada's Supreme Court Chief Justice faces Human Rights Complaint.pdf
Greater parenting role by fathers in 1965 than now debunking the disinterested father myth (pdf)
Conservative family policy fails at first hurdle (pdf)
Large numbers of young people with depression are being left untreated (pdf)
Battered and scolded boy (pdf)
Group Challenges privacy adoption laws (pdf)
Anxiety attack for children (pdf)
Group foster homes panned (pdf)
Thick skinned judge (pdf)
Smoke ban urged for foster carers (pdf)
Police use anti-terror surveillancemethods to track paedophiles (pdf)
Police hit squads to tackle Teen gangs (pdf)
Mother involved in gang rape (pdf)
Article 6.1 HRA Irrelevant in practise (pdf)
The Adoption Show (pdf)
Missing madeleine click here
Secret list of porn judges ‘does exist’ click here
UN Shock Tactics click here

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