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New Zealand
NZ Father denied justice says UN.pdf
---Speech on family law
---Family law opens up
---Anti-father bias
---Some Jurisdictional Questions
---Australian challenge in the UK court
No change in Scotland for family law.
-- Diversity in Scotland???
---Child to sue Minister
---Scotland asks for evidence

England and Wales
English Court had no jurisidction (pdf)
Sir Peter Smith.pdf
LJ Wilson on children.pdf
Stressed top judge enters Priory Clinic (pdf)
Open courts more accountable (pdf)
LJ Thorpe is a fine mind (pdf)
Judicial independence (pdf)
Judges are not perfect by any means (pdf)
Judge, Affair and Jealous Husband (pdf)
Advice line for lonely judges (pdf)
Judicial version of competence, independence and unaccountability
UK's first drug court.pdf
No guaranteed right to lawyer.pdf
Justice, rights and democracy as they say.pdf
Judges on the point of revolt.pdf
Judges gets slap on the wrist.pdf
Judge who resigned had been witness in obstruction case.pdf
---Flashing Judge case.pdf
---Bristol Family Court report (pdf)
---LJ Richards (pdf)
---Judicial Assistants (pdf)
---Senior Judge faces trial (pdf)
---29 child homicides
---Former judge jailed
---Lessons from Australia
---Wallpaper on Open Court
---High Court Judges
---Western Circuiteers
---You can't silence justice
---Way of choosing judges is biased
--- The problem with family courts
-- Weasel words
- Child porn judge retires
---Government initiatives to feed lawyers
---Making contact work (for aliens)

United States America
Palmerston North lawyers child abusers.pdf
US Jury trials becoming extinct.pdf
American justice Isn t that a contradiction.pdf
---Follow the Money Flow (pdf)
---Cardinals accused of sex abuse cover up (pdf)
---Holding lawyers responsible
---Missouri bans gay marriage
---Down in Las Vegas
---Understanding administrative law
---Parental grief syndrome
---Supreme Court rules no rights for fathers


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