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Courts - Germany

Child abduction permitted BY Germany

Germany legalises international child abduction
Below is a letter in German advising that the investigation against the mother of my children for international child abduction to Germany has been closed with the permission of the court.
Although the court recognises that a crime has been committed it is of so little importance that it is not in the public (national) interest to pursue the matter further.
This is the heart of the problem when facing child abductions to Germany.
Under German law child abduction can result in a jail sentence of up to ten years, but when children are abducted to Germany it is not in the national interest to pursue the matter this is also no doubt why the terms of the UN rights of the child and the Hague agreements are not honoured by Germany.
On the other hand only a few months ago a grandmother and grandfather of Yugoslavian origin now German resident were jailed for three and two years respectively for assisting their son to abduct his daughter out of Germany. It would appear that there are two yard sticks by which Germany operates, a situation that can no longer be tolerated by the many thousand foreign parents who are suffering the same fate as me and my children.
Please do something today about making this situation known to the whole of the civilised world.
Michael Hickman

Staatsanwalt Oldenburg
Postfach 24 41
26014 Oldenburg
Vermittlung. 0441 2204020
Fax: 0441 220 4469
Herrn Michael Hickman
Albrechtstraße 100
26388 Wilhelmshaven
NZS 262 Js 60650/02 02. Jun. 2004

Ermittlungsverfahren gegen Frau Nicola Hickman u.a.
Tatvorwurf: Entziehung Minderjähriger
Tatzeit: 22.01.1996
Strafantrag vom 28.10.2002
Sehr geehrter Herr Hickman,
das Verfahren ist mit Zustimmung des Gerichts nach § 153 STPO eingestellt worden, weil die Schuld der Beschuldigten bei Nachweis einer Straftat gering wäre und kein öffentliches Interesse an der Strafverfolgung besteht.
Dr. Hölscher

Michael Hickman
Children's Rights and
Human Rights Activist
Albrechtstrasse 100
26388 Wilhelmshaven

Tel: +49 4421 748 468
Mobile: +49 170 262 6659

Child abduction is child abuse, which is a human rights violation

To learn more about international child abductions to Germany,
consult http://www.michael-hickman.org

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