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One in five children beaten by their mother (pdf)
Fatality statistics (pdf)
Attacks on black women (pdf)
100 years recorded crime statistics (excel file)
Child homicides in Carolina (pdf)

Fiebert Report
Child Abuse
Report on the use of physical intervention on juvenile secure estate (pdf)
Overview of child abuse statistics 07 (pdf)
Children on CP register by category of abuse (excel file)
Children and young people on child protection register (excel file)
Child maltreatment 2005 (pdf)
Statistics on child protection (pdf)
Child Health
Outcome indicators for children in care 05 UK (pdf)
Eating disorders (pdf)
Daycare and aggressive behaviour (pdf)
Child welfare outcomes 2003 (pdf)
Wifi Laptop dear for children (pdf)
Overweight and childhood obesity (pdf)
Obesity report (pdf)
Link between mild infection and hypoxic apnoea (pdf)
One in ten or is it Empire building? (pdf)
Farewell to Chemical Imbalance (pdf)
State of worlds children (pdf)
Early menarche (pdf)
DH (pdf)
Childhood predictors of future psychiatric morbidity (pdf)
Adolescent Mental Health 2006
Obesity and anger
Record number of teens leaving the foster care system without a family.pdf
Mapping CAF to assett (pdf)
They wonder why children are fat (pdf)
The usefullness of self harming (pdf)
System of communication for autistic children (pdf)
Marriage, divorce, adoption stats (pdf)
Paths to childs social adjustment
Compromising our Children
Children in care outcome study
Homeless children
Childhood report
Child Contact
Dr Carol Coulson on Ireland.pdf
Research review - child care proceedings under the Children Act 1989 (pdf)
Executive summary Vol 1 Res Contact Disputes (pdf)
A profile of applicants and respondents in Essex (pdf)
Perceptions of court ordered contact (pdf)
New thoughts on contact (pdf)
Navigating custody disputes - Judges guide (pdf)
Contact amount
Coroners Findings

Coroners court and inquest findings
Depressed Divorced Fathers
Involuntary child absence syndrome and depression in males after relationship breakdown.
Family Ties After Divorce LongTerm Implications.pdf
Family breakdown harms children
Costliest divorces in UK
Cost of divorce on women's health
30 years on - what is known
The reality of divorce
Domestic Violence
Reciprocal violence AJPH (pdf)
Effects of Domestic Violence (pdf)
Pizzey on Men and violence (pdf)
New developments in DV (pdf)
Federal DV Study (pdf)
Dissertation on services for male victimes of Domestic Violence (pdf)
Men and Domestic Violence
DV Report
Gender as a factor in DV
Dishonesty in DV
Riding the donkey backwards
Gender differences in DV
Hotline for medical research misconduct (pdf)

Environmental Law Centre Research Unit
False Allegations

Wrongful convictions - innocence project (pdf)
Teachers and false allegations (pdf)
Fathers protect children from maternal depression.pdf
EOC version of fathers and the modern family.pdf
Disenfranchised father syndrome
Deconstructing Fathers
Adrienne Burgess
Why Dads matter
Fatherhood as a Deterrent against Female Promiscuity
Fathers want more
Genocide and Humanitarian Intervention: Incorporating the Gender Variable
Government Research
May 07 Research (pdf)
Government funded divorce research
Time for a new look
Number of marriages falls to lowest level on record.pdf
Marriage divorce and adoption stats 2005.pdf
Marriage (pdf)
Statistics on marriage
Maternal Deprivation
Fifty years of ‘Maternal Deprivation’ reassessed.
Mental Health
Depression in Young People (pdf)
NICE Child mental wellbeing (pdf)
NICE and Child Mental health in Primary Schools (pdf)
Review of national occupation standards (pdf)
Draft occupational standards for counsellors (pdf)
NICE guidelines (external link)
farewell to chemical imbalance (pdf)
Psychiatric rating scales (pdf)
Swedish study on mothers
Ministry of Justice Stats.pdf
National standards US child and family (pdf)
Neural basis of anxiety (pdf)
Residence and contact disputes Vol 2 2005 (pdf)
Publication of research report - Minority Ethnic parents, their solicitors and child protection litigation (pdf)
Parents blamed for misbehaviour (pdf)
Parental substance misuse (pdf)
Dangers testing parents skills (pdf)
The future children without sex (pdf)
Targetting unborn babies (pdf)
Study examines father-child relations (pdf)
Stress in pregnancy (pdf)
Stoppong social exclusion in the womb (pdf)
Recovery from anorexia (pdf)
Differences in the brain anatomy predisposed to anxiety disorders (pdf)
Attachment needs (pdf)
Behaviour of Children tops parents concerns (pdf)
Behaviuor, attachment and communication (pdf)
Parents can't question (pdf)
Parenting Support (pdf)
paf report children 2006 (pdf)
FACS report 2005 (pdf)
Adults rule (pdf)
Parental seperation and Psychosis (opens as pdf file)
Parents wired to baby's cry
Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)
Dr. Amy Baker website is designed to serve people interested in the topic of parental alienation, especially targeted parents, alienated children, and the legal and mental health professionals working with them.www.amyjlbaker.com
PAS prevention bill (pdf)
Details of new book by LF Lowestein (pdf)
Order book by LF Lowestein (pdf)
Relocation and bonding
Abortion and teenage pregnancy
Teenage Pregnancy Studies
Reid How do we cut teen pregnancies May22nd04
Silver Ring
Pupil loses battle to wear purity ring.pdf
Abstinence or comprehensive sex education (pdf)
Men's Reactions to Female Sexual Coercion
Oral Sex Taught In UK’S Schools
Social Work
Social Work Now (pdf)
Genetic Research
---Self-Mutilation Gene
Research from around the world
--- silent partner in family decline
---Minority report and recommendations
---US destruction of the family
Public Interest
Trends in UK stats since 1900 (pdf)
Questionable research (pdf)
Politics of research (pdf)
---Rigging the evidence
---The cost of choice
---Labours think tank
---Dept of Health Consultation submission by FLINT (receipt from DoH)
---Response from Family Links International (FLINT) to the consultation paper on Parental separation: Children's needs and Parent's responsibilities. click here

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