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Family Groups

Impact of family formation change on the cognitive, social, and emotional well-being of the next generation.pdf
Families Separated by the State.pdf
Christian today on the family.pdf
CARE response 2004 on families and wellbeing of children.pdf
World congress of families (pdf)
Feminism could be bad for your health (pdf)
Welfare reform on the web.pdf
What works in parenting support.pdf
Child protection overhaul could lead to false abuse claims.pdf
Single parents have poorer health.pdf
---Vatican slams feminism
---War Against Families (pdf)
---Government divides families unite (pdf)
---Women and men who are victims (pdf)
---Blind justice without a name
---British children
---Changing the way we think
---Family reunited
---heterosexuality questionaire
---Picture talk (pdf)
Parents wrongly labelled child abusers (pdf)
Dads influence daughters in Maths.pdf
British Dads to get text alerts on how to raise children.pdf
Why are male relationships so complex? (pdf)
US census facts for fathers day.pdf
Jamacia calls for fathers not absentees.pdf
Fathers perspective in holistic care.pdf
The psychology of fatherhood.pdf
New definition of mother.pdf
Gossip research.pdf
Fathers indirect.pdf
Automatic fines for fathers.pdf
---Men's health roadshow
---Father jailed for waving at his daughter (pdf)
---CSA injustice for shared care father
---Sex cues ruin men's decisiveness (pdf)
---Men are fickle when it comes to friendship
---fatherhood quotes
---Children need fathers too
---Judge seeks to end myth of family court bias against fathers
---For men only
---In defence of deadbeat dads
---Making divorce hard for fathers

---25% of dads unknown
---Fathers are essential
---Mens Health
---Fatherhood as a Deterrent against Female Promiscuity
---No future for fathers
---Case for father custody
---Rabbi no help
---Advice for divorcing fathers
---Stay at home Dad
---condescending towards fathers?
---New man or Confused Dad?
---Preserving the value of the Father
---Good dads being recognised
---No more silence

For all you mums out there - Happy Mothers Day
Maternity matters.pdf
---Towns Women Guild join fight
---Minister welcomes rise in early abortions (pdf)
---The women who think housework is better than sex
---Benefit rise increases single mums
---7 myths of working mothers
---Equality4women day
---how vengeful are you?
---Burchill on prostitution
---We've gone the wrong way baby
---Judge tells woman not to have more kids
---Fear for women's divorce rights
---Vatican speaks out for mothers
---What are labour doing for men?
---Converting to Islam for Family Values
--- The link below will take you to the Townswomen's guild who are seriously investigating the problems for the family unit. The briefing paper available shows that men and women should not be used to make enemies of the sexes, but to work together for the benefit of our society. Many of the ills of which the family has suffered are now being raised to reduce the harmful consequences of State Wrong-doing. See: www.townswomen.org.uk
---Justice for women
---Are men bad for women's health?
---Mothers who kill
---Why women become abusive
---Maternal Gatekeeping
---Mothers matter more
Video on Britian's youngest grandparents
Grandmothers arrested over satanic sex abuse at school.pdf
The orphan grandparents.pdf
Grandparents and contact.pdf
---Grandparents Action Group UK (external link)
---The orphan grandparents (pdf)
---Geldof patron
---Granny Bashing
---Grandparents caring in poverty
---link to http://www.grandparentsrights.org/
---Grandmother project
Children as young a six with anorexia (pdf)
Suicide and paranoid deaths of children (pdf)
Girls as young as 11 drinking.pdf
Violence and British children.pdf
Inactive Kids Storing Up Illness for the Future.pdf
Girlhood studies.pdf
Freud’s troubled children.pdf
EU marking Missing Children's Day.pdf
Childrens percetions of contact.pdf
Classes may get knife searches.pdf
---Teachers claim frequent physical attacks (pdf)
---Wellbeing of pupils 'sacrificed for results' (pdf)
---Boys are stupid?? (will take a little while to open...)
---Crime and the family
---Help for kids
---Increase in young crime
---My long distance life
---Punishment to problem solving (pdf)
---Teens skilled at manipulation
The wider family unit
A list of websites raising some of the issues related to fathers. We hold no responsibility for the contents of the websites, but we are sure you will agree they may have significance:
other web links

2004, the year of the family
Impact on neighbours
Are we failing the family?
Are families under threat?
Searching for lost parents?
---Carol Rider

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