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In this day of age, with women in the work force, more and more men are finding themselves fulfilling the duties of the “Stay at home Dad.” Men, your wife works hard all day. She allows you to stay home and avoid a real career of your own. Yet to be a successful Stay at Home Dad, you must realize that she is overloaded. At the end of the day her house should be a sanctuary of bliss and relaxation. To provide the most stress free environment possible, prospective Stay at Home Dad’s need to adhere to a few well grounded guidelines.

Have dinner ready. Nothing impresses a woman more as she arrives home in the evening than having dinner ready for her. Luckily for us, great advances have been made in the area of Microwave dinners. You can surprise her with a wide range of tasteful selections of pasta, rice or exotic Santa Fe dishes. Having back-up suggestions such as good take out facilities really shouts out: “You’ve been making tough decisions all day – let me take the burden off your back.”

Freshen yourself up. Take a moment to check your appearance. If you prefer to lounge around the house in your underwear – at the very least put on a clean pair just before she gets home. Take a good prolonged sniff of your t-shirt. Does it seem fresh? If you can’t tell – take the benefit of the doubt and put on a new one.

Straighten up around the house. A clean house will go a long way in your wife’s eyes. To make this chore much easier, use a snow-shovel or the blunt edge of plywood, and push the toys into a neat pile behind a door or into a neglected hall closet. Dishes that might have accumulated during the day should be piled high on the kitchen counter. Preferably, right next to the empty dishwasher. One outstanding Stay at Home Dad told us how he would move and clear the furniture so that when his wife came home, she had a clear and unobstructed path to vacuum. Thanks for the tip Doug!

Laundry day. Laundry is a critical element in your woman’s life. Be considerate and help her to fully enjoy this weekly ritual by ensuring that your dirty clothes are ready for wash day. No need to be obsessive at this point by getting every item in the hamper. Simply getting them in the general vicinity will be thanks enough. Plus, if the need arises to actually run the washing machine, an important fact to remember: Hot water and bleach can remove practically any stain from colored fabric.

Remember “You” Time. While it should never conflict with the strict authority of your wife, we all need some “me” time. Small simple gestures can make your long day alone much more tolerable. Stock the mini fridge next to the recliner earlier in the morning so that beverages are cold in time for late afternoon naps. A handy tip my Dad showed me - by using a 2 liter soda bottle and an old radiator hose, you can fashion yourself a dandy urinal.

Children are the jewels in your wife’s life. Now would be a good time to find them and see what they have been up to. Take a moment to clean them up. Be sure to wipe their faces thoroughly of any traces of chocolate cake or beef jerky. Orange-Cheeto’s face is a definite turn off for Mom. Mental note! It’s probably a good time to change that diaper. Eight hours is about average for a diaper and you have surely gotten your money out of it.

Quiet time. Once your wife has arrived home, now is not the time to distract her with endless prattle of the day’s events. You can explain the cast on little Billy’s leg in due course. Likewise, your woman has important things to think about and doesn’t need mindless details of day-time soaps or football predictions. Nor does she need to hear how you finished Medal of Honor on the “Martyr” setting or found all 100 hidden packages in Vice City.

Bedroom duties. Question: Your wife has just determined it’s time to initiate sex with you. What do you do? Well for starters, do not trouble her with various fantasies you discovered off the web. The best course of action is to lay as still as possible with arms flat at your side in a non-threatening manner. Trust your wife to decide on the best position for her to achieve orgasm. Listen closely and concentrate on her audio cues. This is not the time to ad-lib! Then once release has been attained, immediately roll away and spare her the embarrassing “pillow-talk” that can occasionally flare up.

Just by doing these few simple steps, you will earn the undying love and respect of your wife. She will be eternally glad that she chose to follow her exciting career path and entrust you with the welfare of the children and the maintenance of her house. In fact, by following these guidelines, she will go to great lengths to brag to coworkers about her great Stay at Home Dad.

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