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Bill of Rights [1689] For Children
---Best interests of the child
CPS Domestic Violence
---R L Domestic Violence
---Effect of domestic violence on contact orders
Durant v Financial Services Authority
Effects of Durant
Criminal intereference on visitation
Judging the Judges Kangaroo Courts
Irish judge to be impeached Human rights within health areas
Law sites and info Intro to English/ Welsh private law cases
Police Complaints Lack of jurisdiction unimportant
Section 91(14) orders Care proceedings are not criminal
Limitations of Litigation
Duty of Advocates
European Convention on contact concerning children
Ordinance and Statute of Praemunire (1353)
FACT application refused

Shared Parenting Judgement
End of Gillick competence
Can I sue?

Rights of man and of the citizen
Public policy and the duty of care
Car seat belt law (pdf)
Prenuptial agreements (pdf)
Abuse of Habeas Corpus (pdf)
Intervening-Litigated (pdf)
Welsh Language Act 1993 (pdf)
Judges must obey the rules (pdf)
UK Statute laws (external link)

Human Rights
Human Rights are majority rights (pdf)

UK Family Law
Guidance on giving reasons for Family proceedings courts (pdf)
Pensions ombudsman and bench memoranda (pdf)
Bill of rights and nifty footwork (pdf)
Childcare Act 1989, 2004 and 2005 report (pdf)
Childcare proceedings under the CA 1989 (pdf)
Appelate jurisdiction HOL (pdf)
Family law reform a sham
Breach of article 6.1 of little import (pdf)
Alternatives to custody and visitation interference
Implacable hostility
3 Feeble excuses for no change
Standard of proof in family courts
Judicial Advice
Cases on Religious Freedom
Useful legal paragraphs
Challenging anti-social behaviour
Guide to private and public law (pdf)
Challenging school exclusion
Introduction to Children's Act 1989
UK Case Laws
1503 Procedure Case Law Precedents
Updated case law (external link)

EU Fundamental Rights (pdf) Beedell v West Ferry Printers
ECHR Judgements
D v D shared residence
Elsholz v Germany Article 8 re: A [JR]
Sommerfeld v Germany
Press release
The Judgement
Paragon v Noueirie 2001
Tp and KM V v V (children) (intractable contact dispute)
Hendriks v. the Netherlands Durant v Financial Services Authority
[2003] EWCA Civ 1746
Best interests test (pdf)
A & D and B and E, Article 8
Sahin v Germany England V Scotland
Kosmopoulou v Greece (pdf) Re C (Abduction: Settlement)
Munby Judgement decision making process
Affidavit Format (pdf) Another not PAS case (pdf)
PR Argument (pdf) Court of Appeal reforms (pdf)
Role of the Advocate (pdf) FPR report (pdf)
Seeking legal help Re C Public law human rights damages (pdf)
Tips for LIPs (pdf)
DCA view of LIPs (pdf)
Re L disability in Public law (pdf)


Law around the World  
---Standing commitee on shared residence

---US view of the UK
---Illinois: criminal interference with visitation
Nordic Countries
---Nordic Committee for Human Rights - NCHR


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