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Law - Kangaroo Courts


The defence when you anticipate an unjust verdict consists of informing the Court of your capability for remedy and compensation after the event. Once they are convinced by the facts, they will find a way to avoid getting themselves into a no-win situation.
The exact defence on the day is do the following step by step and when you speak speak loud and clear so that everyone behind you can hear as well as those in front:-

1) Firstly, you should set out your case as if you expect a fair hearing and a just outcome.
2) Next, you need to state why you anticipate the possibility of a Kangaroo court result, a verdict to impose a policy (policy, directive, hidden agenda that must be contrary to law because it results in an injustice.) If you are facing a Court of First Instance, such as a County Court Judge, or a Magistrate, you should give evidence of why a reasonable person would come to the belief in the possibility of Kangaroo court treatment. For example, the case against you may be so flimsy that it would never have been brought except in the expectation of a policy verdict. If you are in the Appeal Court or Judicial Review situation, you are entitled to cite any injustice and perversity in the verdict you are challenging and any factual evidence you have of the likelihood of the Upper Courts arbitrarily defending the actions of those below. If you are hostile without valid evidence, they will contend that you are scandalising someone personally, and may punish you. (FOR FURTHER INFORMATION on what is evidence phone the hot line 01246 555 713)
3). Next you need to convince them you are involved in the Special Powers politics, that these are in course of producing a restructuring against the Kangaroo court system, ( this is further self evident by the fact that you are one of us all who are against the Kangaroo court system.) and that you intend to incorporate any new Kangaroo court evidence into your political work. ( As we are clearly doing by adding this to our bundle in order to help you.). You are likely to be interrogated intensely about all of this and the only way you can convince them is by being actively involved in The Special Powers politics. (By networking with us etc.) You should have with you the relevant information on the Statutes and Law vulnerability, which they naturally won’t want to accept..
0) Ahead of the trial you should make a written submission of the facts and evidence of your full intended defence including the political back-up. On the day refuse to be provoked away from any of it.

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