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NO2ID updates (pdf)
The new ofsted.pdf
Guilty until proved innocent.pdf
Publics short memory (pdf)
New Labour and secrecy (pdf)
DNA database rises in UK (pdf)
One third on state benefits (pdf)
Harriet Harman on Radio four.pdf
Tim Loughton Hansard notes.pdf
Power, politics and democratic renewal UK linked with CANADA.pdf
Overview of cross Govt guidance.pdf
Ministers and secrecy.pdf
Media supports closed courts.pdf
Early intervention conference Blair's babes.pdf
Carey Roberts speaks out.pdf
---Corporate parent and care matters (word doc)
---Judge links crime to broken homes (pdf)
---Swansea Civil Justice Minutes
---Swansea follow up
---Judicial accountability?
---Judge in contempt
---Hodging the issues
---Hodge should go if responsible
Complaints procedures
Commission for Social Care Inspection (Children’s.pdf)
Corruption undermining Justice.pdf
Cost to the State
Cost of EU membership.pdf
Child protection
State hot air on the children and adoption bill.pdf
Safeguarding children Education, Police and SS.pdf
Safeguarding children.pdf
CAMHS and everyday matters.pdf
Blair admits he got it wrong so expect worse.pdf
New powers to discipline pupils.pdf
greedy lawyers promote false abuse claims.pdf
Govt urged to rethink obesity strategy.pdf
children centres empire building.pdf
Asset report on first 2 years.pdf
Roar like a Lion - Bullying policy.pdf
Govt response on sexual abuse.pdf
Ever child matters mantra.pdf
Anti-bullying policy.pdf
---Children's Rights
Domestic Violence
---Shaming wife Beaters (pdf)
Effective redress

Gender Bias
---Redefining rape
---Rape Policy
---Probation service
Open and honest government

Closing down the Courts.pdf
Same mantra from Gordon Brown.pdf
---NAO 1 (pdf)
---NAO Summary (pdf)
---How Government creates child abuse (pdf)
---Parallels with the Nazis (pdf)
---Politics of family breakdown (pdf)
---Policy paper on father involvement (pdf)
---Right to freedom of expression??
---Secret courts affront to liberty (pdf)
---Stonger families brighter future (pdf)
---Toolkit to destroy families (pdf)
Politics - Society
London Pride plays host to new Labour Deputy Leader.pdf
Governance of Britain.pdf
Multidimensional analysis of social exclusion (pdf)
Maggies Children (pdf)
Towards a New Constitutional Settlement: An Agenda for Gordon Brown's First 100 Days and Beyond
Putting families first
Couples on less than 50 thousand better off apart.pdf
---Hodge does not believe in reasonable contact for fathers
---Breakdown in family life 'is affecting schools'
---Government sells out on early interventions
---Hodge proposal
---Blair asks for your views on child contact
---More Government bungling with the family
---Cost of State interference in family lives
---Howard's hypocrisy
Governmental ignorance again exposed
Hodge believes ethnic minorities and fathers cannot
parent without help

Single Parents
Hain to coax lone parents and over 50s back to work.pdf
The cost of covering up
PFI Project (Word doc)
council tax case.pdf
The family as the base of a civilised society

Welsh Language
Welsh Language results in retardation (pdf)
Welsh Language Policy - English (pdf)
Policy review of Welsh language (pdf)
Woodhouse and the Welsh language

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