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Liam Magill fighting fund
John Gardiner

It is estimated that at least 25% of children living in the western world aren't the biological offspring of their legal fathers. Many men are supporting and raising other men's children without knowing or suspecting that they've been the victims of a mother's deceit. Since DNA testing has become widely available, the facts of these cases are now being revealed.
Liam Magill is one such victim. Having watched the births of his children, as he was led to believe, he was to learn years later that only one of the three children delivered by his wife during their four year marriage, was his biological child. His wife lied to him as well as made false declarations on the children's birth certificates.
Following a separation, Liam maintained full child support for eight and a half years for these children before learning the truth about his wife's paternity fraud. It was deeply shocking and hurtful for him as indeed it would be for any man. Needless to say that he had endured considerable hardship over that time and then finally, the emotional pain and suffering that followed the discovery of the truth. Sadly, Liam is not the first man to have this experience and as the estimates go, he is unlikely to be the last.
There is however, one thing that sets Liam's case apart from those of other men - his is the first and only case, which has successfully challenged the age old prejudices of the courts, sued his ex-wife for fraud and won. In November 2002, in a Victorian County Court, judge John Hanlon, found that Meredith Magill, his ex-wife, had lied about her children's paternity and was liable for compensation for the economic loss, pain and suffering caused to her ex-husband. (Herald Sun, Dec 18th, 2002). This was a landmark legal finding, not only for Liam, but for all men.
The case has created a precedent upon which many men around the world may seek similar compensation. Knowing the large number of estimated defrauded fathers in the world, women's groups, acting in the best interests of deceitful mothers, have naturally been displeased by this outcome. The women's movement have decided to put their entire weight behind the matter and are working on an appeal to overturn the finding.
In seeking to overturn this outcome, the Victorian Women's Legal Service is backing a fully tax payer funded appeal in the Supreme Court on behalf of Mr Magill's ex-wife. The case is listed to proceed shortly and is only awaiting the Women's Legal Service team to compile their court books.
Although having been awarded some $70,000 as compensation, Liam has no access to these funds until the appeal is resolved. Even then there is no guarantee that he'll ever see a cent of this money. Fighting this case has cost him his life's savings and as a result of his miseries and hardship he is now dependent solely upon a disability pension for income. He is now in a situation where he cannot fund a defence against the appeal.
Without the funds to fight, he may very well loose the case, his compensation and more importantly, the significant legal landmark finding.
This is why an appeal has been established to provide Liam Magill with a fighting fund of $30,000. It's not only for him that the funds are needed, but for every man in the future, who finds himself a victim of a fraudulent woman. One day, that could be you.
So help yourself by helping Liam Magill fight for justice and compensation that should rightfully be his. Donate today any amount you're able to spare, and please give generously.
For more information, contact -
Vivian Mavropoulis & Associates - solicitor
Phone (Int'n) - 61 3 9555 7558
Fax (Int'n) - 61 3 9553 7044
Phone (Aust) - 03 9555 7558
Fax (Aust) - 03 9553 7044
Post - PO Box 170 Highett, Victoria 3190, Australia
E-mail - vivienm@optusnet.com.au
A trust account has been established by the above solicitors for donations with the Commonwealth Bank. For direct deposit please use the following bank account information -
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
East Bentleigh Branch, Victoria
Ac name: Vivian Mavropoulis & Associates in trust for Liam Magill
Ac No: 06 3126 10216004
Note: In the event that the appeal does not proceed, any excess funds accumulated in the trust account shall be donated to charity.

For direct contact with Liam Magill or Cheryl King -
e-mail - Cheryl King
web - dnab4upay.com.au/

Fund the Fight!
John Gardiner

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