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Petition to the UK Government
against the destruction of the nuclear famliy

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FLINT - Families Link International, (http://www.familieslink.co.uk) was set up to provide factual information on the growing problems of the institutionalised destruction of families across the Western World with resultant costs to the tax-payer. The problems encountered affect fathers and grandparents to a greater extent but are now prevalent throughout the system.

FLINT is extremely concerned at the increase in suicide rates; teenage pregnancies; self-harm; poorer mental health; delinquent crime; increased alcohol and drug abuse; and the overall disaffection and lack of respect towards families not only from the children but also from the adult victims of the system.

FLINT aims to expose hypocrisy of the judiciary whereby on the one hand they state that the mother is hostile and deceitful and on the other, hide behind the “much heard “ get out clause that we are sorry but we cannot do anything. In the same breath, Judges send mothers to jail when their children truant and yet refuse to do so in the secret Family Courts because it is not in the ‘’children’s best interests.’’ A mantra behind which all manner of sins take place.

FLINT also aims to demonstrate that in any asset stripping exercise, the fathers come out worst and the “family” not much different, yet a billion pound business runs behind them.

We, the undersigned, support the aforementioned organisation in raising awareness and lobbying on behalf of fathers, children, grandparents and families against the partiality, collusion and destruction of the nuclear family aided and abetted by the judiciary and State Authorities.

We consider that there is an inherent bias and lack of coherent policy making based on partial research which are being used as weapons of family destruction in the UK and in western industrialised countries.

We petition the UK Government to investigate these matters whereby the family as the base of society is being undermined and the consequent effects on the whole of society with unacceptable costs to the public financially, morally, giving rise to serious social problems which have now escalated beyond acceptability. In our opinion the Government is responsible for these matters and must act with utmost haste.

Please complete the form and return it to: Family Links International, PO Box Number 157 Wallington Surrey. SM6 7WZ United Kingdom. Tel: 07719020208

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