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UN 1503

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The petition is available in other languages -French, Finnish and Portuguese from the campaign website-

  FLINT & 1503
What is the UN 1503? This is a procedure brought in during the cold war to punish the Soviet block. It was never thought that it would be used against the Western Governments who brought it in.

The 1503 Committee have the power to examine widespread, systematic and persistent [WSP or wasp] - abuses of Human Rights anywhere in the world without requiring the permission of the Governments against whom the abuses are alleged.

The industrialised first world countries have often portrayed it’s respect for Human Rights and it’s legal system and the fairness of it’s legal system beyond reproach. It has often used these arguments when dealing with third World Nations. The reality is very different. Human Rights is just a catch phrase and in reality despised by the State Government and it’s organs and paid lip service to.

There is no accountability of key State organs in particular the Judiciary, the resulting factor is massive abuses taking place across the board from Family to Financial assets being stripped of all decency. The Communities are disenfranchised, isolated and divided allowing the Governments and it’s organs unabated control over the populations.

It seems to us and many we have contacted that there is similarity in the abuses of families and children throughout the western industrialized world with money being the main motivating factor along with control of the subjects and destruction of stable families and community cohesion being end results. These abuses as we have explained on this website elsewhere have many forms and vary upon the jurisdiction involved. The end outcome is the same.

This is a large scale and massive campaign which needs your help to return our societies to a level in which these abuses become not only exposed but the malpractices banned and those guilty brought to justice.

This is not a father’s campaign. We are not a fathers group. We are all seeking the only mechanism that we know of to restore communities, family life and stability for the benefit of our children and future generations. As you will see from the petition we have referred to International treaties. These maybe explored at International Treaties:


This is our society and we deserve better than the biased and time serving ruining lives, destroying families and society. Watch out for www.un1503Petition.com to be released on November 5th 2006 the anniversary of Guy Fawkes who tried to blow up Parliament.


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