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Flint has evolved as a result from the lack of comprehension towards family matters that is frequently demonstrated by the UK legal system and other associated organisations. Flint has been developed into a politically independent social policy research centre.

Flint's work is allied to our interests in children, young people, grandparents and families. It takes a variety of forms including large scale surveys, quasi-experimental studies, smaller qualitative projects, literature reviews and evaluations. We also arrange seminars, workshops and conferences.

Topics we focus on include parenting, fatherhood, young offenders, prevention and intervention for antisocial behaviour and drug misuse, child maltreatment, child protection and child/adolescent mental health issues.

FLINT Mission Statement

Flint disseminates research findings and analysis that promote and enhance access to children for both parents and grandparents and monitors the care, the efficiency and effectiveness of the legal and social services care services and their delivery.

FLINT also provides a vehicle through which forums and briefings for policy makers, the social services sector, families, the government, and the media are held in order to increase understanding of the issues affecting families and children.

We believe that only an open and honest government along with the true independence of the media, State Authorities and the judiciary will enable progress to be made in these areas which have been badly let down by those responsible.

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